What You Need to Know about Spur Gears

08 Nov

Gears are a very important part of any machine. Almost all industries use gears in their operations of machines. When we think of gears, we think of the rotating part of a machine. These gears consist of cut teeth called cogs which mesh with teeth of other gears so that torque or a twisting force is transmitted.

The basic type of gear is a spur gear which is made up of a cylinder or a disc. This type of gear has straight-edged teeth and aligned parallel to the axis of rotation. This type of gear can rotate together correctly with gears fit to parallel axles.

Spur gears are very easy to design and manufacture and this is the reason why it has become the most common type of gear that are often used in many industries. One good thing about 
Spur and helical gears is that they are very efficient types of gears. But the efficiency of helical gears is less compared to that of spur gears. It loses power and efficiency because of the sliding contact between their teeth. When this happens, axial thrust is produced which produces more heat.

There are other advantages to using spur gears aside from their simplicity and efficiency. Spur gear are constructed in a very simple way than helical gears because their teeth are straight and not angular. This makes it very easy to design and manufacture. This simple design is not something that easily fails or breaks. They are also very cheap to purchase and to maintain. With spur gears, you have more savings because it costs less.

There are also certain disadvantages when using spur gears. Noise is one thing negative about spur gears especially if they are used at high speeds which makes the entire face engage at once. And this is why spur gears are also called slow speed gears. And, these gears can only be used to transfer power between parallel shafts. IF the shafts are non-parallel, then power cannot be transferred to them. And these gears are not as strong as other gear types. The load that they can handle is not much since their teeth are small and located parallel to the gear axis rather than situated diagonally as the helical gear teeth are. See also
Worm gears.

There are many benefits to using spur gears, and if there are disadvantages, the benefits far outweigh them. And this has made spur gears that most popular type of gear being used in the market today. They perform well and meet a lot of requirements of industries today.

You can search for spur gear manufacturers online to fulfill the needs of your industry.

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